Geostream is an International Group specialising in the design and
implementation of soil and groundwater treatment technologies.
Geostream’s clients are mostly private companies, such as international
consulting firms and operators of industrial facilities, real estate developers
and lenders, involved in brownfield reclamation projects, and governmental
public bodies seeking technical support in the contaminated sites
remediation field.



To offer high level services worldwide, Geostream relies on a permanent staff of qualified Engineers and technicians, mainly based in the headquarters in Magnano in Riviera (UD), Italy. Regional offices are located in other cities in Europe, viz. Lucca, Catania (Sicily) and Madrid; and in Manchester (UK). Geostream also has regional offices in South America in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in South Africa in Johannesburg.


Since its foundation Geostream has participated in more than
10,000 projects worldwide, including most European countries,
Eastern Europe, Northern and Southern Africa, the Middle East and South America.



Geostream offers a full range of integrated engineering services to support the Customers in the development of complex projects concerning soil and groundwater remediation, covering the early phases of conceptual design and definition of specifications up to pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup including maintenance and optimisations.

We provide top qualitative technologies, high safety and continuous assistance. Geostream’s systems are designed and built to reduce risk as much as possible; from the design of each product to the accident prevention measures used in daily activities.


Geostream has equipment for use in field investigations, including sampling equipment, solid/liquid sampling devices, photo-ionization detectors and gas analysers.


Geostream experts are well qualified to perform, on the basis of site investigation results, the assessment of the presence, nature, level and extent of surface and subsurface contamination.
These evaluations typically include the reduction and interpretation of field data, the development of geologic and lithological cross sections and of surface and subsurface contaminant concentration maps.


From these results Geostream experts can provide a preliminary screening on the investigated site, to assess the need for further investigations and studies and to define a preliminary conceptual model, with special reference to potential contamination sources, as a guide for any further step on the site study.



Most of the highly qualified Geostream’s staff have an extensive academic and technical background, also relying on the possibility to mobilise environmental and chemical scientists and engineers, environmental modelling specialists, geologists and hydrogeologists, biologists and ecologists, CAD and Solid Work operators, computer programmers, and technical editors.

Geostream has consolidated capabilities and extensive experience needed to design, develop and support the implementation of the most innovative soil remediation technologies, including:

• bioremediation, with particular reference to bio-pile and bio-sparging;
• soil washing;
• soil thermal desorption;
• soil stabilisation and immobilisation;
• soil and/or groundwater chemical oxidation;
• groundwater pumping and treatment (physical, chemical and biological);
• reactive barriers;
• containment barriers (sheet pile walls, slurry walls [with or without geomembranes],
soil injection, jet grouting walls and slabs, hydraulic barriers, vapour barriers, etc.);
• landfills for contaminated soil.

• Site assessment, including site surveying and data gathering, investigation planning, field investigations (with support by subcontractors), laboratory analyses (with support by subcontractors), monitoring and sampling, selection of remediation goals and definition of remediation strategies;

• Supervision of the implementation of remedial measures and post-assessment site qualification.

Knowledge of issues relevant to the management of contaminated site;
• capabilities to conduct engineering studies aimed at analysing each site-specific problem and to efficiently define the most appropriate solutions.



The company’s social responsibility is expressed in its action,
innovation and in the sustainability of the technologies and of the business.
Geostream is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

The Quality Management System of Geostream was established in 2010 to the ISO 9001:2015; Geostream is also certified according to the OHSAS 18001:2007 for Health & Safety.

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